New Product! Megastorm Walker (Executive Umbrella)

Check out our newest umbrella. Finally an executive umbrella built for severe weather! The canopy on this umbrella can flip inside out on its own. It cooperates with the wind rather than fighting against it.

Flexible Umbrella Ribs

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Introducing iBrolly’s Newest Addition: The Totebag Telescopic

iBrolly Totebag Telescopic

iBrolly Totebag Telescopic

Tired of your wet umbrella dripping all over? Problem solved!

iBrolly is pleased to introduce our newest product, the iBrolly Totebag Telescopic. This folding umbrella conveniently converts to a waterproof tote bag, saving your floor from dripping water in a convenient and stylish way. It folds to just 9.5″ long when closed and also features an aluminum and fibreglass frame, a plastic handle with a woven wrist strap, and a premium Pongee canopy that is anti-tear and quick to dry.

Contact iBrolly today to find out more about this great new specialty umbrella!

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Eco-Friendly Folding Umbrella: Innocent Promotional Products

Eco-friendly promotional products are becoming ever more popular, and to meet the demand we’ve developed gorgeous little recycled folding umbrella for distribution through our sister company, Innocent Promotional Products, a Canadian distributor of eco-friendly promotional products. Only 7″ long when closed, this tiny umbrella is perfect for handbags and brief cases.

The umbrella canopy is made from 100% recycled PET fabric, and the handle is made from bamboo, which is a renewable resource. This folding umbrella is available in purple, cool grey, and navy blue. The canopy is 40″ and the ribs are made from aluminum and fibreglass. As with any other iBrolly umbrella, you can customize to your heart’s content: add perimeter trim, full canopy print, umbrella sleeve printing and more. Comes with sleeve and wrist strap.

Eco-Friendly Umbrella: Innocent Promotional Products

Folding Recycled PET Umbrella

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Eco-Friendly Umbrellas

iBrolly is proud to introduce a new environmentally friendly, recycled umbrella!

Our eco umbrella has a 100% recycled PET canopy made from recycled plastic bottles, and a bamboo handle & tip. Not only is PET fabric made from recycled materials, but the process by which it’s created releases less CO2 into the environment than traditional umbrella fabrics – all with exactly the same feel and durability.

As this is specialty recycled umbrella canopy fabric we don’t have our usual range of canopy colours available on small quantity orders. This eco umbrella is available in cool grey, navy blue, and purple. If you’re looking for bulk umbrellas or wholesale umbrellas, and can order 1,500 or more we can die the canopy fabric to any colour of your choice. (We need to die an entire bolt of fabric to do this, hence the large minimum order quantity.) But hopefully with environmentally friendly promotional products becoming more popular all the time, we’ll be able to introduce new colours for smaller orders in the near future.

This recycled umbrella is available with a double-layer canopy, perimeter trim, interior printing and many of the other custom umbrella options that make iBrolly unique.

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