Eco-Friendly Umbrellas

iBrolly is proud to introduce a new environmentally friendly, recycled umbrella!

Our eco umbrella has a 100% recycled PET canopy made from recycled plastic bottles, and a bamboo handle & tip. Not only is PET fabric made from recycled materials, but the process by which it’s created releases less CO2 into the environment than traditional umbrella fabrics – all with exactly the same feel and durability.

As this is specialty recycled umbrella canopy fabric we don’t have our usual range of canopy colours available on small quantity orders. This eco umbrella is available in cool grey, navy blue, and purple. If you’re looking for bulk umbrellas or wholesale umbrellas, and can order 1,500 or more we can die the canopy fabric to any colour of your choice. (We need to die an entire bolt of fabric to do this, hence the large minimum order quantity.) But hopefully with environmentally friendly promotional products becoming more popular all the time, we’ll be able to introduce new colours for smaller orders in the near future.

This recycled umbrella is available with a double-layer canopy, perimeter trim, interior printing and many of the other custom umbrella options that make iBrolly unique.

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Innovative Promotional Umbrellas

printed umbrellas

Entire Canopy Print

Slapping a logo on a flimsy umbrella is not going to say much about your brand. Have you seen how many people walk the streets with broken umbrellas…? Do you really want your logo to be on one of them? We don’t think so. Introducing iBrolly, a promotional umbrella company that manufactures only high quality, durable, creatively designed umbrellas. At iBrolly we think of umbrellas as media space – free, untapped, non-traditional outdoor media – that can be leveraged with a little creativity.

Why can’t any umbrella company do this? Firstly you need great creative design combined with a bit of marketing savvy. Then you need serious printing and manufacturing technology in order to reproduce those creative designs: The iBrolly umbrella factory is far from your average screen-printing shop.

iBrolly is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), that utilizes several different techniques from heat-transfer printing to plastics injection molding, enabling production of groovy features like custom shaped handles and Pantone colour matched frames. We pay close attention to finishing, and can handle the smallest details such as embroidered tie wraps, stitched perimeter trim, and branded handles. Add a few lines of messaging, perhaps even printed on the interior of the canopy, and you’ve got a powerful piece of promotional advertising.

custom umbrellas

Colour Matched Frame

We realize that business owners need to spend their marketing dollars wisely, and the right umbrellas can be a great long-term advertising investment.

The key is to use innovative design and messaging so that your brand gets noticed, and to maximize your ROI by investing in high quality umbrellas that will last for years.

An order of a few hundred of umbrellas can be less expensive than running a print ad for one day in a local newspaper. If you calculate the cost per impression alone, it makes good sense, not to mention the experiential factor of giving customers high quality branded gifts they’ll use for years to come.

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